Ever wondered how cinema spread around the world in just a few decades and became the 7th art ? Read how from 1895 to the present day cinema developed in all countries around the world. Filmbirth offers an extensive visual and readable tour through the decades in every country in the world. We present a wealth of visuals and historical data on the development of the film industry. You will find early trailers, clips and full feature films dating back to the dawn of cinematic history. Filmbirth allows you to download her multimedia content in realplayer format.

The classic movie section consists of 120 motion pictures dating back to 1902. In the classic trailer section golden trailers are available for download raging from 1932 to 1960. About 2000 trailers can be found on the country pages. Last but not least, the classic clip section offers movie clips from the dark ages in cinematic history.

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Eisenstein, Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Lang or Griffith, find their best movies and download these films for free.

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Trip to the moon
Classic animation and cartoons from very early 20th century , watch Nemo, Felix the Cat and Superman.

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Read about cinematic history and development of the film industry of every countries in the world. Find trailers, links, photo's and historical fact.

Hasher's delirium 1910Hollywood newsBollywood news

Surreal images from the master of animation. What does Absinthe do?
Hollywood movies

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